I have been getting through this week with lots of support from Team Heidi.  Sometimes, I feel guilty for all the support I need from the professionals on my team.  I am sure they have other clients that need their attention and I hate taking up more than my fair share of their time.  Plus, I feel kind of embarrassed to be so needy.  And yet, without the extra support, I would be a wreck…Or perhaps quite literally in the hospital.  So, I will feel ashamed for needing the support, but I will still ask for it.

I have also been getting support from a subset of Team Heidi: Friends.  I have been reaching out and asking local friends for time to visit them and reconnect and for them to help me by having me not be alone.  And I have been pretty upfront about why I want to spend time with them (that I need support).  And my friends have been receptive.  Monday, I had lunch with a friend and we chatted for a long time.  Yesterday, I went over to SS’s and visited with her and Blossom (Pixie was in preschool) and we went on a lovely long walk in the woods near her house.  I have two friend-dates lined up for next week too.  Wednesdays and Fridays are my tricky days right now as I have no appointments and lots of time on my hands is not so good.

That said, I need to really apply myself to collecting some CEUs online as my license expires at the end of this month and I have been a bit remiss in my collection of continuing ed hours.  I need to get 20 hours by the end of the month.  This Friday, I couldn’t round up any friend-dates, so it will be a date with me and my laptop and some CEUs.

In terms of Team Heidi support, I am also working with one of the key players on Team Heidi to get the support I need.  That would be dh. 🙂  It is hard for me ask him for support and to express how much I need his support…But I am trying.  I am better at it than I used to be, but it still challenges me.

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