What can I say?

This has been an excruciating week for me.  I am not doing very well with it.

I am going to keep focusing on my mundane task list…It keeps me occupied and keeps the whirlwind out of my head.

I got several things done yesterday…Here’s what the list looks like now.

  • Clean the downstairs bathroom
  • Clean the upstairs bathroom
  • Put away all the paperwork and course material/handouts etc from Renfrew
  • Mow the dog yard to keep down the ticks
  • Put away winter stuff
  • Bag up too-big clothes to go to Goodwill
  • Finish packing up books to send to Amb
  • Wash bathroom linens
  • clean up front yard
  • mow front yard
  • Find packing tape to seal up box for Amb (I ran out yesterday, but I am pretty sure we have more somewhere.)
  • Find folders for Renfrew paperwork
  • Vacuum the stairs

Oh…Right, and a general tidy cuz my friend is coming over.

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