My stomach hurts.  It is all knotted up and miserable and I know it is not my stomach that hurts, but really it is my emotions that hurt.  And I can’t make the hurt stop.

Food does not go easily into a knotted stomach, nor does it feel good once it gets there.  This adds to the emotional angst.

I have two appointments today and I don’t want to go to either.  One is the Nutritionist and I just can’t face her or deal with her today.  I want nothing more than to cancel the appointment…And I am honestly giving it serious consideration.  But…she charges a missed-appointment fee, which is kind of hefty.  But maybe this will be the last week I go twice a week, because I cannot handle the pressure.

My other appointment is with the AT.  I don’t want to go to that appointment out of sheer defeatedness. I just feel like there’s no point anymore.  But…usually when I am most resistant to going is when I need to go the most. (That applies to the Nutritionist as well.)

It is just one of those days when I can’t get out of my own way.

And it is snowing.  Really? May 16th and snow?  Alas…such is the life of living in the Snowy Hinterlands.



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