The Same

I am not really sure what to post that will be new and different….I am definitely in a rut right now.

Today is a triple-decker-appointment day.  I start with my physician (and that means a weigh-in), then the Nutritionist and then the AT.

The AT is going on vacation tomorrow and won’t be back until after Memorial Day.  I am going to be really lost without the routine and support of the AT.  I am barely holding myself together now, I don’t know how I will manage the next ten days.  Honestly, I am afraid, really afraid of how I will manage myself while he is gone.

And speaking of therapy, after Tuesday’s awkward session (where I inadvertently over-shared), and the shame I felt/feel, I am feeling kind of anxious about today’s session.  I don’t know if I can even look at the AT.  I just kind of feel sick about it.

I suppose if I have three appointments today, I will actually have to make myself presentable by showering and changing out of pajamas.  I’ve kind of been slacking lately…It’s just hard when I just don’t care.  But, I know that clinicians look at appearance, so I need to pull myself together and at least look like I am functioning.



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