My resolve from yesterday is pretty much gone. I am in a bad head space this morning.  Actually, it started last night…And appears to have followed me into morning. I am mad at myself for a number of reasons. I am frustrated and tired and I just don’t care anymore.

What is the point if all I ever am is miserable?  Why do I even bother to try to move forward? I just feel like making maladaptive coping choices.  Because I know they will make me feel better.

I feel like all I do on my blog is spew the same old negativity and miserableness.

All I want is to feel nothing or to feel better.

2 thoughts on “Gone

  1. People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily. ~Zig Ziglar
    I have never known you to not bath, nor to give up. Start each day with as much motivation as you can muster, and that practice will lead you in the right direction, though perhaps not at the pace you would prefer. Your “pluck” will get you through, I have faith in that! (I am, as always, so sorry it is so very hard)

  2. You try to move forward because moving forward is better than the space you are in now. You might think you are making maladaptive coping choices… but then in the next sentence it doesn’t seem they are maladaptive at all. They are making you feel better so something must be working a little. Keep going! ❤

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