I think today is going to be one of those days…Of course, every day seems to be one of those days….

I have been given three tasks for today from two of my clinicians (aside from the general “stay safe” contract.)  I am supposed to do something social, get showered and get dressed.  And…..I did make a weak attempt at getting together with a friend.  But one friend has a stomach bug going around at her house so I didn’t even ask her.  And then pretty much everyone else is at work.  The other friends who might be available would require more energy than I have.  You know what I mean? There are those kinds of friends that don’t require much, you just enjoy their company, they enjoy yours, it is comfortable and safe.  Others you need to be more on guard with, more aware, they take more energy….They are friends too, just a different demand, of which I just have no energy to deal.  So if it isn’t one of my few “safe” friends, I am just not up to it.

So, that is fail #1 for the day.

Showering…ummm…..Feels like work.

Dressing?  No point if I haven’t showered.

Could be that those are fails 2 and 3.

Oh..and it is another pottery class night. And I know I am doing to skip it.  I just can’t do it.

I need to work on my continuing ed credits too, and that seems too overwhelming.

K…here are my goals for the rest of the day:

  1. Hang the towels on the line
  2. Be compliant with my meal plan
  3. Shower/dress (Though I am not sure of the point as I just have to shower again tomorrow before my appointments.)
  4. Write some letters (this is a good distraction for me and I love writing to people)

Okay…at the very least, I will put on clothing that is not pajamas….Well, at least that pass as non-pajamas for when the UPS man comes.

Actually, I really need some capris as it is flipping hot here this week.  Maybe I will hem up some pants to be capris.  That will give me a task that I can handle.  I even have some pretty ribbon to edge the hems with.

But first, I am going to lay down for a bit and rest.  Ummm….no, I just heard the washer buzz.  First, I am going to hang towels.  I suppose I need to find pants to do that.  <sigh>



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