1. FML
  2. Renewed safety contract with AT. Written vs. oral.  And I had to sign it.
  3. AT is backing off on therapy intensity. I view this as a fail on my part for not coping better.
  4. The Nutritionist wants me to eat more food to compensate for my activity.
  5. Had dinner in a restaurant last night that turned into a meal disaster in terms of gluten free and meal plan.  I was not able to make up all the exchanges before bedtime (I did try) and thus am already in violation of the written contract.  And trying isn’t good enough. It has to be perfect.
  6. All I want to do right now is use maladaptive coping skills.  And I am not allowed.
  7. I am not sure how to manage my feelings.
  8. I don’t know how to live like this.

1 thought on “Overwhelmed

  1. Things don’t Have to be Perfect! Don’t even try to manage your feelings. How bout just letting them flow, and then letting them go??? Just feel the feeling and move on, don’t put a label on it, or worry what it means, or connect it to everything else that ever had that feeling. I am so glad for the safety contracts though, because hurting yourself shouldn’t be a thing to try and make things right or feel better. I would miss you terribly if you were gone! ❤

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