Rusty Pluck…A Primer

Okay…For those who are new to the blog….What does all my shorthand mean?

dh: dear husband

ds: dear son

AT: art therapist, infrequently art therapy (when I feel too lazy to type it out)

PNP: psychiatric nurse practitioner

Nutritionist: self explanatory

PP: primary physician, also referred to as doctor

Team Heidi: usually refers to my outpatient providers;  the AT, my PNP, my doctor and the Nutritionist.  Can also include my yoga instructor, but I haven’t gone to yoga since February.  Also can refer to additional support people like dh, friends, etc.

YI: yoga instructor

FML: fuck my life

ED: eating disorder

L, Donna, J, SS, Pixie, Blossom: friends

Biebs, Glitter H: friends from residential treatment

Heidi: me

Big Dog/Little Dog: my dogs

Ummmm…that’s all I can think of for now.  If I use any more abbreviations that are confusing, feel free to ask.







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