Bullet List

Yesterday in bullets:

  • It was too hot. 90 degrees in mid-June is too hot!  But oddly…It was nice too.
  • Nutrition appt was same-old-same-old and unproductive.  I might have to do something about that.
  • Met all my food exchanges for the day.
  • Drank my whole Gatorade for the day.
  • The AT implied I don’t take my eating disorder seriously enough
  • I asked the AT why I always tell him everything and he replied, “Because you trust me.”  Yeah…I do.  I am not sure he realizes how significant that is.
  • Despite the body-shaming messages my eating disorder gives me, I wore a sleeveless shirt yesterday afternoon (out in public!).
  • I got no closer to resolution about what treatment facility to choose.
  • A peer of mine said to me, “You have to stay on [recovery] track so that I can stay on track.” This gave me some pause for thought.  I don’t want to throw anyone else’s recovery (which is easy to do) by not being applied enough to my own.
  • I only did 60 mins of physical activity.







1 thought on “Bullet List

  1. I haven’t commented the last few days, or IM’d much; just wanted you to know that I was out of town (I think you knew that) and it is difficult for me to read and comment on blogs from my phone, and now my computer at home is very finicky, throwing me off the internet every once in awhile, so I have to get that looked into. I am so proud of you and I love you!

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