Picture Overload!

I don’t have a ton to say today…So, I am going to do something totally atypical and cram my blog full of pictures..Cuz…Why not?

The bunnies on their way to being washed. ❤ (Putting them in a pillow case helps preserve their plush.)


And now I am trying to dry them, but it is damp and rainy, so I have resorted to modern methods.  (Keeping them out of the dryer helps preserve their plush.)


And on this rainy day, the little dog is sporting a brand new raincoat given to us by a friend.



And that same friend made and gave me this lovely pendant which has one of my favorite pictures of Big Dog and Little Dog on it.  Unfortunately, my picture isn’t too great, it is so much sharper in person!


More rainy day pictures…The dogs and cat snuggling to stave off the damp chill.



This is about the extent of how snuggly Big Dog gets with the cats…But he is actually touching the cat.


My PNP mentioned that all this rain will help the gardens grow.  Which made me think of my garden…which I will not see grow cuz I will be gone. 😦   I call it my Unexpected Garden.  SS gave me a few tomatoes and peppers that I popped into a couple extra-large pots.  Then I traded my chickens for some tomatoes and sweet potato plants. The woman gave me 10 tomatoes and three sweet potatoes.  I didn’t have a place to put them, but had a spot of lawn with some thin sod on it.  So I spent a couple of weeks ripping the sod, turning the soil, planting the plants and then edging it with stone.  It was a lot of work and truly a labor of love!  Not too shabby considering I had no plans to put in a garden this summer!

Here’s how it has grown.

0618161952a (1)





And the garden today.



Comparison shots: just planted and now lush and green.0618161952a (1)0710161429a

Our yard deer.  This is about 50′ from the house although they come lots closer.


And here are random but pretty pictures from walking the dogs.

Walking up our road.


Walking down the big hill road.


Heading up my driveway. Dh wants to cut the trees away from the driveway, but I like the “tunnel” effect and won’t let him. 🙂


On the road up to the mountain.

0611160921 (1)


And lastly, a day when I got out extra early to walk the dogs before it rained….And this is what the “rainy” sky looked like…Beautiful!

0612160754 (1)



3 thoughts on “Picture Overload!

  1. Lovely pictures! I had to laugh when I saw the cat curled up with the doggie!!! Too cute! I Love your garden too! That’s how dh and I have been doing ours, just one bed at a time. We now have about nine beds like that, and the potato patch too. Uggghh, though if anyone knew all the hauling, and lugging, and tugging we’ve been doing to get them in and make it all grow though. At least my fellow gardeners know. 🙂

    Well, I am going to miss you while you’re away again! I bet you’ll come away a whole lot healthier for it though. You will be in my thoughts and prayers! (((Hugs)))

  2. Hahaha… I can’t stop laughing at the one where your bunnies are drying in front of the heater! Awww, I miss your little friends. OK… and you have CATS??? HOW did I not know this? And also, do you live in Eden? It’s beautiful. Much love and hugs today. You can do this. Although I’m sure right now it feels overwhelming. I wish I was there with you.

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