So Tired

I am just reeling with exhaustion.  The programming is just so emotionally draining.  I am spent all of the time.

I saw Meg briefly today.  She came to do a transition meeting for one of my peers.  I have to admit that when I saw her arrive, I felt this rush of relief and safety.  She came over and chatted with some other folks and me as well.  It was brief, but reassuring.

Today, I met with the new therapist for the second time.  It went okay…I am super guarded with her as I don’t know her at all.  She appears to be a “no bullshit” kind of therapist.  Now, Meg was also a no-bullshit therapist, but Kyla seems to be even more direct. They different stylistically, except for the no-bullshit part.  But I don’t find Kyla off-putting.  Now, I just need time to get used to her.

There were lots of things I wanted to blog about tonight, but I am just too tired.  Anything else I have to say will have to wait until tomorrow.


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