Getting Better

I am getting better.

The past few weeks have been significant for me and I have really felt a shift of something inside of me.  I am questioning the self-blame I carry from my sexual abuse, I am dabbling with the concept that maybe I am important, I am accepting the fact that I am going to have to deal with my feelings and I am realizing that my world is not nearly as hopeless as I thought.

And I am eating my food and exercising appropriately and not using many ED behaviors (calorie awareness/counting is the hardest to give up) and not self-harming.

But mostly, I feel different.  I actually feel like I have stabilized.  I am not healed and I am not “cured” but I am able to manage all the work here without plunging into darkness.  I feel like I have had a good scaffold to get me where I am and now I practicing holding myself up.  Yup, I will wobble and maybe even fall, but it will not be the end of the world.

I am getting better.

1 thought on “Getting Better

  1. I’m happy to hear so many positives are happening. climbing the mountain can strip us of everything, so it’s good to see you are remembering to look up to the blue sky…

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