I don’t feel like I have much to say.  I mean, I can bitch about stuff, and maybe that would be good to get it off my chest….For instance:

There is a general ignorance/intolerance of the fact that there are other religions’ important holidays occurring right now.  One of my (non-Jewish) peers said, “It’s not even like Hanukkah is an important Jewish holiday.  I don’t know why people turn stuff like this into a big deal.”  Ummmm…..So many things wrong with that statement!!! And at the very least, if it is important to an individual then it is important.

This conversation came about because a Christmas Holiday tree was erected at programming.  It took several days of retraining the staff to get them to stop calling it a Christmas tree.  And when one of my peers asked if the program was going to put up a Menorah, he was told he could bring one in if he wanted one.  Ummm….????…..<sigh>

There are 11 of us in programming right now and I know that three of us are not Christian/Christmas people.  There could be others too…I just don’t know everyone’s beliefs….although after a group text I was part of yesterday, I am thinking most everyone else celebrates Christmas, and non-secularly.  Based on their comments in the texts they totally didn’t seem to get it.

And this bothers me because I am a not-Christmas kind of person.  My holiday is on the 21st.  I don’t even dare bring up my holiday, because it the intolerance is so high for Hanukkah, then I’m not opening my mouth about Solstice.

Okay…that wasn’t even too bitchy!

I tried being social with my friend that I wrote that letter to a while back (on my blog only, it was for me, not for her).  She has changed (hundreds of hour of therapy and group therapy will do that to you!).  And she has not changed.  So…she is still super, super negative.  Hey, at least I tried and now I know that it is better for me to maintain my boundaries.

As a matter of fact, she is causing tension in the community because she is complaining and complaining about not losing weight (she is heavier).  I am not sure the complaining is appropriate.  And then at dinner she slammed her dietician for “lying” to her about her weight.  The girl sitting next to me has the same dietician and you could just watch as her confidence in their dietician dropped.  The negative person was going to keep ranting , but at the same time, another peer and I jumped in and shut the conversation down.  A. It wasn’t appropriate and B. You don’t do stuff to derail other people’s work.   Later, the negative peer was snotty about it saying that the girl should just be in her own process and not have been bothered by the accusation that her dietician was a liar.  <sigh>  The negative person just. doesn’t. get. it.

Have I mentioned that the communal aspect of the group is starting to wear me down?

Skipping topics…I’ve got some new stress starting.  We may just plain run out of money to keep me here before I am officially ready to be discharged.  Not sure how this is all going to play out.

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