Some Days…

Some days… I just wish I had a rewind button.  So that I can undo and re-do that stuff that went wrong or that I handled poorly.

Some days…I wish that I didn’t have anxiety and that I didn’t have times when the anxiety was driving the bus instead of me.

Some days…I feel resentful of my PTSD, that it keeps me always in a state of hyper-vigilance and jumpiness.

Some days…I feel the weary-to-the-bone exhaustion and just wish I could have some energy.

Some days…I wish I had slept better last night.

Some days…I wish I could be present all the time and not dissociate.

Some days…I wish I could eat or drink without feeling like I am betraying myself.

Some days…I wish I could take the support that is offered to me.

Some days…I wish I could be flexible all the time and roll with the punches.


Some days…I am grateful for being imperfect.

Some days…I am given cookies that a friend made just for me.

Some days…I can eat at cookie or even two.

Some days…I can cry and say what hurts.

Some days…I am able to understand the compassion that people express to me.

Some days…I feel warmth in my heart when I hear the puppy trotting through the house looking for me and then see her delight when she finds me.

Some days…I feel the love behind a hug.

Some days…I can accept the ups and downs.

Some days…I give myself some grace.

Every day..I am me trying to do the next right thing.




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