Quick Update

Sometimes, the blog just slips to the way side.  It always happens when I am doing a lot of intense, personal writing for therapy.  Then I feel like that part of me, the part that is processing emotions, it just gets used up already before I blog.

But…I have lots of things swirling around in my mind.

  • I am worried about my friend Beibs, who has fallen off the radar.  I hope that she is just in treatment somewhere….But I don’t know.
  • My sister, who I have had pretty much no contact with for ten years messaged me a couple of days ago. What do I do with that?
  • I have a couple of peers here who are falling apart and it makes me really sad.
  • I found a couple’s therapist at home and have an appointment set up.
  • I have appointments scheduled with the AT.  Can you believe that I am so close to going home that I have appointments set up with the AT already?
  • I told my outpatient dietitian that I am not returning to her and got a referral from her.
  • I have a call out to a new dietitian .
  • The eating disorder group at home that I wanted to join has disbanded.
  • I am planning on going home Feb 3.  It’s not officially, official yet…but it’s my plan.

Ummm….that’s all for the moment.

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