What is Rusty Pluck?

As defined by Merriam-Webster

rusty:  adjective

1:  affected by or as if by rust; especially :  stiff with or as if with rust

2:  inept and slow through lack of practice or old age

pluck:  noun

1:  courageous readiness to fight or continue against odds :  dogged resolution

After years of struggling with depression, anxiety and PTSD, I am getting a little worn out.  I feel like my resiliency has been stretched to its limit and I am looking for ways to keep it going.  This blog is an attempt to give myself a new outlet.  For the most part, it also coincides with me starting a new round of therapy with a new therapist. And instead of the same-old talk therapy, this time I am trying Art Therapy.

This blog is my honest account of how I am trying to make it all work.

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